Outsourced CFO Services

Small and medium-sized business owners usually have one major problem in common -- the inability to receive full payments from many of their customers in a timely manner. This situation has the potential to lead to employees not being paid on time; relationships with suppliers becoming strained; debt service requirements not being fully met; the very real overall possibility of the business collapsing; and ensuing personal financial issues. On top of all of this, many of these businesses cannot afford the services of a full-time CFO to create controls and efficiencies that would enhance things from a cash flow perspective. Why not allow Ravi Ramnarain, CPA, LLC to come to the rescue and create a system that allows you to focus on what you do best? Let the Firm handle all of the back-end work for you.

Technical Accounting/Financial Reporting

Public (and certain Private) companies have financial and regulatory reporting requirements on a yearly, quarterly, and on an as-needed/ad-hoc basis. The time required to prepare Financial Statements; Footnote Disclosures; Management Discussion and Analysis data; Annual Reports; mandated Technical Accounting Memorandums; and such can be significant. In addition, these services require a unique skill set that is not always easy to find nor cheap. Ravi Ramnarain, CPA, LLC has the ability to be the consummate resource for clients looking for specialized assistance within their reporting processes.

Audit Support and Internal Controls

Every major company is required to have an Internal Audit function (in-house or outsourced); in addition, smaller companies require these types of accounting services in the event of major transactions, acquisitions, and such. 

At times, however, the cost of keeping these services in-house can be quite burdensome when escalating salary / bonus / benefit / tuition reimbursement demands are taken into account. In addition, the cost of procuring the big-name consulting firms with the necessary expertise can be an equally expensive proposition. 

Ravi Ramnarain, CPA, LLC thus offers its clients the best of both worlds -- the required internal auditing expertise without the extreme costs/headaches. 

The Firm can work on-location, off-location, or a combination of both -- it is totally up to the client! In any case, the firm will most definitely be at your beck and call 24/7 for the duration of any engagement.

Tax Preparation

Tax compliance and tax consulting/planning services are simply mandatory with regard to every single individual/entity today. Whether you are an individual filer; sole proprietor; general partner; limited partner; LLC member; S-Corp. shareholder; or C-Corp. shareholder, contact Ravi Ramnarain, CPA, LLC today to determine how the Firm can help you!


Owning your own business allows you to do the thing(s) that you enjoy doing -- except for handling the books! Allow Ravi Ramnarain, CPA, LLC to be your one-stop-shop in building your General Ledger system and, ultimately, your Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and Statements of Cash Flows.